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It is believed that up to a million Zimbabweans live in exile in Europe, North America and Australia, and more than two million live outside Zimbabwe in Southern Africa, mainly in South Africa and Botswana.

The Zimbabwean gives a voice to these exiles, who constitute some 25% of the total population. It builds links and encourages readers to tell their own stories and those of their families. It also articulates their fears and frustrations about the issues concerning them.

The paper seeks to harness the energies and synergies of exiles, many of whom find themselves isolated, marginalised and voiceless, yet who constitute Zimbabwe’s professional, skilled and intellectual cream.

They are hungry for news about home and effectively cut off from their families and each other. Many, particularly those in Southern Africa, do not have access to the internet at work or at home and are dependent upon costly internet cafes and e-mail.

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